Colonial Leaders

who is William Bradford?
Was Plymouth Governor for 30 years
volunteered to go on the first expedition
there was a peace treaty it lasted over 50 years
signed the first set of laws for the colony called the Mayflower Compact
Kept peace with the local Native Americans
That is William Bradford

Life in 5th grade

My  favorite  subject  is   science.  I  like  pep rallies.  I  am  having  a  great  time   in  5th   grade.  Are   you  having  a  great  time?  If  your  not,   I   hope  that  you  will  have  a  better  day.  I  also  like  social studies.  I  hope  that  you   will  have  a  great  day.




This animal can go 100 infinity miles per hour.  Whenever it hunts for its prey and sees zebras, it can camouflage into a zebra and catch it.  Whenever this animal sees a wolf it can change into a wolf.  It can take wolves down for sport.  This animal is one crazy animal.  If you ever see it, run away.  It lives in Africa.